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Welcome to the site for you who like tickets for cabarets, tours and sightseeing in Berlin. Here you easily and quickly can book tickets for Friedrichstadt Palast or Wintergarten Berlin, or what about a sightseeing tour through Berlin on a Segway or in a good old Trabant! Here you can also book tickets for walking or bike sightseeing in Berlin and see the famous sites like Potsdam, the Berlin Wall and Berlin during World War II. Berlin has so much to offer and you can get tickets for most of it – right here - at!

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  • Berlin WelcomeCard

    Berlin WelcomeCard

    4.5 (293)

    Enjoy unlimited use of public transportation with a Berlin WelcomeCard! It is almost everything you need when visiting Berlin. The Berlin WelcomeCard gives you unlimited public transportation (fare zones AB or ABC) and large discounts for many museums, guided tours, restaurants and theatres. You also choose the zones you wish to travel in (either AB or ABC) and for how long you wish to use the Berlin WelcomeCard.

  • Altes Museum with Skip the Line

    Altes Museum with Skip the Line

    4.0 (1)

    Buy your tickets from home and skip the line into the Altes Museum on Berlin's famous Museum Island. Here you'll be transported back to an ancient world, where Greek philosophers wandered and Roman soldiers marched. Explore the treasure trove of Classical antiquities at the Altes Museum, get your entrance tickets now.

  • Bode Museum: Skip the line

    Bode Museum: Skip the line

    5.0 (2)

    Avoid the lines at Bode Museum, get straight into the museum and start exploring. Situated on the north side of Museum Island, you can admire the incredible handiwork of some of the finest craftsmen and artists of the age. Buy your ticket from home!

  • Neues Museum: Skip the line

    Neues Museum: Skip the line

    4.5 (10)

    Experience the treasures of ancient Egypt and art through the ages at the incredible Neues Museum in Berlin. Skip the line and get face-to-face with that ancient icon Nefertiti - and much, much more! Book your tickets here!

  • Pergamon Museum with Skip-the-Line

    Pergamon Museum with Skip-the-Line

    4.6 (21)

    Explore the Pergamon Museum in Berlin with its classical sculpture, imposing architecture, colorful tapestries, and enough historical artifacts to drive a thousand Indiana Jones films. Highlights include the famous Ishtar Gate, a fragment from the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Market Gate of Milete. Save time - book your tickets from home!